Thursday, 29 May 2014

Flames of War North Africa: Games of War Desert Buildings Review

One of the many things I like about Flames of War is the availability of relatively cheap pre-painted terrain. I'm a fan of the Battlefield in a Box range and have a fair bit of their terrain already but with plans to build up a North African town I felt the need to branch out a little in order to avoid it looking too like a series of identical new-builds...

Google took me to Games of War who make a range of prepainted resin 15mm buildings that look to complement the Battlefield in a Box range pretty well. They were the only 15mm buildings I could find that were prepainted, reasonably priced and which have removable roof sections. There's a pretty positive video review of their European buildings on the Model Dad's blog so my hopes were fairly high. As postage is free I've tested the water with just a couple of buildings from a range of five buildings, going for the Small and the Large Desert buildings, priced at £5 and £8 respectively.