Monday, 29 October 2012

Warmaster Dark Elves

I've finally finished rebasing the Warmaster Dark Elves I bought on ebay (several months ago). If it wasn't for the Warmaster One Dayer next month these would never have been finished. So, as Kylie and Jason once said, 'Especially for you', here's the army you'll be taking to Warhammer World:

In this tiny picture you can (or perhaps can't) see: General, 2x Hero on chariot, 1 x Hero on manticore, 3 Heroes, 3 Dark Riders, 2 Crossbows, 5 Spearelves, 2 Bolt throwers, 4 Cold one riders, 1 Harpies, 1 Hydra, 3 Witch Elves. From that you should have a decent choice for a 2000 point army.

Purely from an experimental point of view, here's my 'wobbly-cam' video of the same:

Sunday, 28 October 2012

some daemons

As you can see, the daemons have arrived from the warp and are trying to gain supremecy of the entire  Kitchen Sector of the Old World. The Empire are nowhere to be seen, nothing  can stand in their way, other than a large frying pan and a couple of George's milk bottles.

The flamers were finished some time ago - not sure when, but certainly within living memory. There are 6 of the blighters in total and they were quite good fun to paint as they required quite a bit of blending / layering which I am quite fond of doing.

The nurgle dudes have just been finished off and as you know, I followed the GW recipe. I think they look sweet. Quite disapointing in a way, as there is very little to doing them other than dry brushing.
There are a completed unit of Khorne dogs and a huge unit of Khorne dudes in the front line for the kitchen too. Unfortunately, the photos of these units showed how quickly I had dashed off the painting - especially the dogs. I do have another unit of these to paint one day, and when that day comes I promise to do a better job!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Warmaster hamlet...

I must be getting bored of painting Grey Knights as I've finally finished the base for my Warmaster hamlet. Here it is in all its glory...

Ok, so glory is perhaps not the right word here, but it is eminently practical, the houses can be removed once the hamlet is occupied to make things nice and easy. 

Here's how it looks then (and here's it's very obvious that I didn't wait for the PVA to dry before taking the picture:

And here are some plucky men from Talabheim getting ready to defend themselves:

Friday, 19 October 2012

Officio Assassinorum

The Officio Assassinorum have lent their support to the Grey Knights, sending this Vindicare sniper from Terra to join their ranks. There's a good chance he'll be putting down the Exitus rifle in favour of a Quad Gun to take on enemy fliers.

Also finished this week are another six Grey Knight marines, and more to come soon...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Lord of the End Times...

It's taken over two years but finally my Warmaster Chaos army is finished. More accurately, I've got it to a playable 2000 point army, there are about another ten units left in the lead mountain (and at some point I'd like to replace the daemons who are standing in for Marauders too). Here they are, ready to shed blood in the name of their despicable gods...

You might just be able to tell that this lot are led by none other than Archaon himself. It's a figure I've wanted to paint for ages. Here he is, in true GW style I stuck him onto a suitably skull-laden base:

With this lot painted I'm hoping to get on with the Grey Knights for a while but I am rather tempted to get on with my Man O War Empire fleet (and buying some Chaos ships hasn't helped much either....).

Oh, and is it just me or does the sign of Chaos Undivided look rather like the Union Jack?

Incoming: Grey Knights

The first squad are done... It's a quick and easy paint job but I think they're perfectly playable and there's actually a chance I might finish the army if I don't try to do anything more complex with them. Oh, and the pen I blogged about a while back works really well (I can't blame the pen for my inability to write tiny Gothic script).