Sunday, 24 April 2011

Dull stuff - Math-hammer... Base weights....

Wobbly Nid fixing base weights here

And, for the armchair general who wants to geek out, here's math-hammer taken to the extreme. Now you can calculate all of those odds at the press of a few buttons!

Back in the real world, I've just converted another two plasma gunners and ordered the bits I need from wargamersworld to convert the rest along with a chainsword for the Commissar. I'll also be slapping down a challenge to Paul Bailey tonight to see if he's up for a game next week.

See you in London for Battle2: The Revenge of the Nids...

Saturday, 23 April 2011

First contact.... (with a power-gaming filth-meister)

'First contact' is clearly something that applied to one side only last night, with the Tyranids mashed up to the point that the Guard felt like they must have cheated. And cheat they did, claiming 'first contact' when 'fifth contact' would have been closer to the truth. Sorry about that, the combination of a good list and the (now obviously) massive advantage of having had the chance to roll the Guard out a few times was far more potent than I'd have imagined possible. I'm going to try to get a game in with the list against Paul B. to see what happens, I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

progress update

Hello there mate, Rosie was asleep early tonight (by 9.15) so I've managed to do a little gluing of the plastics! Tonight I put together 8 more gaunts. They are tossed into a box lid with around a dozen other gaunts and a big old trygon (with a hairy old arse). I have to say that the box looks like the basis for a horde... there are loads of things in there which are coming to get you... of course the good news is that most of them are poop. The next stage is to finish spraying the gene stealers red, then base and undercoat all these gaunts and the zoanthropes. Then it's back to building the second trygon, my tervigon (which looks like a hive tyrant) and the 3 metal tyrant guards. When this is done, I will have built my horde. All I have to do then is paint the blighters. Not sure how I will transport them either... Ah well, one thing at a time. Will take a photo of what I have done so far soon! Promise...

Commissar Golovkin

Meet the newly-recruited Commissar Golovkin...

That's right, he's got an axe with which to smite your bugs!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Some inspiring stuff...

Hi Paul, not much work done recently beyond a little converting. The cards I ordered arrived and are pretty disappointing in that they offer no background at all. I'll give the game a go at some point though. Still waiting for everything else.

Anyway, if you're in need of inspiration check out the pictures on this chap's photo album clicky here. Some fantastic Tyranid stuff going on!

Friday, 1 April 2011

everybody's building

Hi mate, I ought to be up to my nuts in plastic minis at this time of the evening, but I thought I'd up date my blog instead. I've been busy building and buying of late. I have just received my order of 15 termigaunts from Wayland (ordered on 14th March). However, they were not able to supply the hive guard unit that I asked for. I have also contacted Maelstrom about these models and they are also unable to supply them. As a final role of the money saving dice I have contacted my mate who works in a gaming store (the chap who used to manage a GW) and asked if his store can supply. If not, then I am afraid it will have to a trip down to the local GW to blow £36.60 on 3 blister packs - containing models which will be a pig to put together ... Like you, I currently have a bee in my bonnet about GW metals. I now have built: a trygon (undercoated and based_ 20 hormagaunts (undercoated and based) 20 termigaunts (undercoated) 3 warriors (undercoated) 10 gene stealers Still to go: Tervigon 3 zoanthropes one more trygon the 3 hive guard that I do not possess as yet. I want to get the zoanthropes built and based this weekend. I am wondering if I can get away with just usind super glue and not pinning them. I would also like to get the second trygon in to some sort of shape - you have to build these big blighters in stages to give the glue time to set in the various sections. If I can get these things done this weekend, then I am course to have a built, undercoated, possibly based and partly painted army to face you with. Needless to say, these trhings must happen! P.S. don't make your army too competative, as I have yet to use mine!

Bases, eyes, and more toys...

Did I mention that I'm painting? I've got 16 Valhallans here in Germany, now all basecoated and ready for some highlights. I've made a couple of decisions today that I thought I'd share. The first is that I won't be painting eyes on them (I share this because I feel ashamed and need validation/forgiveness). The second is that I'm going to paint the edges of the bases in black rather than my usual Graveyard Earth. I think it sets of the paint-job nicely and it's suitably old-school for my nice metal miniatures (they're from 1994 I think). Try it on the Nids, there's no need for them to match but it might be cool if they did.

For reference (and if you want to try it yourself), my bases are painted with Adeptus Battlegrey, washed with neat Badab Black, and lightly drybrushed with Astronomican Grey. I'll be adding patches of snow when they're done. I reckon Tyranids would look cool striding over blood-spattered snow (and I can give you some snow flock if you want to try it, I bought a huge tub of stuff that I think might be better than the GW 'white grass').

I've also continued the shopping and have just bought another squad of men for £15 from Natalie on TWF. It's on old version of the squad pack which is cool because it means it comes with a heavy weapons team, this time a mortar which is a model I don't have yet. This should mean I've got all I need for the 1500 point army and probably enough extra heavy weapons teams to bulk it out a bit if needed.

And another thing, if you visit to play at my Gaming Room, I'll spend whatever your train costs on 40K terrain! If I can ebay enough stuff I'm thinking about getting this: