Friday, 1 April 2011

everybody's building

Hi mate, I ought to be up to my nuts in plastic minis at this time of the evening, but I thought I'd up date my blog instead. I've been busy building and buying of late. I have just received my order of 15 termigaunts from Wayland (ordered on 14th March). However, they were not able to supply the hive guard unit that I asked for. I have also contacted Maelstrom about these models and they are also unable to supply them. As a final role of the money saving dice I have contacted my mate who works in a gaming store (the chap who used to manage a GW) and asked if his store can supply. If not, then I am afraid it will have to a trip down to the local GW to blow £36.60 on 3 blister packs - containing models which will be a pig to put together ... Like you, I currently have a bee in my bonnet about GW metals. I now have built: a trygon (undercoated and based_ 20 hormagaunts (undercoated and based) 20 termigaunts (undercoated) 3 warriors (undercoated) 10 gene stealers Still to go: Tervigon 3 zoanthropes one more trygon the 3 hive guard that I do not possess as yet. I want to get the zoanthropes built and based this weekend. I am wondering if I can get away with just usind super glue and not pinning them. I would also like to get the second trygon in to some sort of shape - you have to build these big blighters in stages to give the glue time to set in the various sections. If I can get these things done this weekend, then I am course to have a built, undercoated, possibly based and partly painted army to face you with. Needless to say, these trhings must happen! P.S. don't make your army too competative, as I have yet to use mine!


  1. That sounds like a lot of stuff already done, I didn't realise you had two Trygons (or whatever the plural of Trygon is, probably 'Trygon'). I'll have to take another look at your army list. As for mine being too competitive, remember that I've lost every game so far!

    And we need to set a date, I'm back from the US on the 11th of April so it'll have to be after that (not the first weekend after).

  2. Hi mate,
    Rachel and I are likely to be coming up to Stockport ariund rhe 20th April - 23rd. Any good to you?

    Plural of trygon: trygi?


  3. Not sure about the date yet, I'll try to call you tomorrow.