Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hi mate,
I like the little nurgle dudes - "Nurgle nurgle". I have put the second layer of dry brush colour on my plague bearers tonight (40 mm). It's a mixture of good old catachan and camo green. I have a load of the stuff over my hands and nails - I look like I've been manicured by a blind emo goth. It's a good look.
Rosie came through and told me that my nurgle man looked very nice. Kind of her to notice.

I have also ordered my copy of dark vengence and hopefully organised a trade- my baddies for their goodies.

My list for what needs painting is now beyond massive.
First up is the plague bearers that I mentioned. They should be finished inside the next fortnight.
Second to go is the big fat chap of nurgle - time scale could be a month. I'm starting a new job after all. That takes me to mid October. I will then have to arrange a game of Hammer fantasy so I can play with the fully opperational Death Star / painted army...

Then the blood angels come.
1. Death lovers - more emo warhammer goping on as they will be painted black - like the door that The Rolling Stones were so fond of. (November's project)
2. A red squad. I will spray these mothers red! (December)
3. Thunder, thunder, thunder hawk! So cool. So massive. So untransportable.
4. Sanguinary Guard. Need a gold spray.

All this will take me well in to 2013. Must stop buying more minis and spend more time painting...

Things that will remain in the cupboard for the moment... Ogre Kingdoms cavalry & dong wagon. Epidimius.

Pictures of painted units coming tomorrow night.

Sleep tight,


Monday, 27 August 2012

Reinforcements from the warp...

It's late but I'm enjoying the brief high of finishing some painting and I'm in the mood for sharing...

These four Warmaster Daemon units have just arrived from the Warp to reinforce my Chaos Mortal army (they'll be standing in for the Chaos Marauder units that I can't face painting).



And a group shot:

Overall I'm  pleased with the way they all came out, but painting the Bloodletters was a chore, largely due to a badly applied undercoat of Army Painter red.

Friday, 24 August 2012

New 40K, and Incursion

Two exciting bits of information today. First up, images of the new 40K boxset contents are all over the internet, there are plenty on the Warhammer Forum:


Second, Grindhouse Games, the producers of Incursion, seem to be lurching back into life, there's some teasing info on their blog: http://www.grindhousegames.com/pages/incursion-home

Happy days...

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nurgle, Nurgle, All Hail tiny Nurgle...

Painting on holiday means just one thing, Warmaster! This time it's the turn of some Chaos Daemons that I bought with the intention of using as quick-to-paint stand ins for Chaos Marauders in my Mortal Chaos army. It turns out that they are quick to do, though I'm not sure my scheme quite does the miniatures justice as they're really nice sculpts with lots of fun detail, much of which I've largely ignored. Anyway, here's the test strip lurking amongst a pile of dead beetles that I found in the garden today.

Purely for my own reference, the speed-paint scheme went like this:
  1. Spray Chaos Black
  2. Paint everything Coat d'arms Olive with a massive brush
  3. Sword Chainmail
  4. Red bits Blood Red
  5. Horn Kommando Khaki
  6. Base Graveyard Earth
  7. Wash everything Devlan Mud
  8. Wash swords Ogryn Flesh
  9. Highlight horn Kommando Khaki then Bleached Bone
  10. Highlight flesh Olive + Camo Green
  11. Eyes white
  12. Boils etc Rotting flesh
Really quick and, I think, pretty effective. Some of GW's very bright static grass should bring them out a little more, I'll post pics of the unit once they're based to see how this works out.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Micron pens...

As you'll see, I've just merged three blogs into one here, bringing together more of the stuff that currently lives in my games room, and hopefully this will breath a little life into the blog and that the blog will, in turn, breath a little more life into the much neglected painting and modelling I would like to be getting on with.

Today's attempt to move things forward was the default 'spend money' option, this time I've bought myself a Micron 005 pen (£3.85 from ebay) that I'm hoping will make it easier to write some text onto my Grey Knights:

I'll post a review of this thing when it arrives.

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to get on with far too many projects but my priority ones are:

Grey Knight army (1750 pts)
Imperial fleet for Man o War
Gyrocopters for Man O War Dwarf fleet
2 units of Khorne daemons for Warmaster
2 Autocannon emplacements for 40k (now that they're so useful).

More soon...