Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hi mate,
I like the little nurgle dudes - "Nurgle nurgle". I have put the second layer of dry brush colour on my plague bearers tonight (40 mm). It's a mixture of good old catachan and camo green. I have a load of the stuff over my hands and nails - I look like I've been manicured by a blind emo goth. It's a good look.
Rosie came through and told me that my nurgle man looked very nice. Kind of her to notice.

I have also ordered my copy of dark vengence and hopefully organised a trade- my baddies for their goodies.

My list for what needs painting is now beyond massive.
First up is the plague bearers that I mentioned. They should be finished inside the next fortnight.
Second to go is the big fat chap of nurgle - time scale could be a month. I'm starting a new job after all. That takes me to mid October. I will then have to arrange a game of Hammer fantasy so I can play with the fully opperational Death Star / painted army...

Then the blood angels come.
1. Death lovers - more emo warhammer goping on as they will be painted black - like the door that The Rolling Stones were so fond of. (November's project)
2. A red squad. I will spray these mothers red! (December)
3. Thunder, thunder, thunder hawk! So cool. So massive. So untransportable.
4. Sanguinary Guard. Need a gold spray.

All this will take me well in to 2013. Must stop buying more minis and spend more time painting...

Things that will remain in the cupboard for the moment... Ogre Kingdoms cavalry & dong wagon. Epidimius.

Pictures of painted units coming tomorrow night.

Sleep tight,


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  1. In order to let you catch up with the Marines, I'm back on Warmaster, the next unit (which I want to finish by the end of the week, should be some Chaos Knights and the Dark Emmisary figure which will be my second Chaos Sorceror. Then I'm probably back to the Grey Knights. Tonight's painting time was frittered away on tidying the games room up and sorting the paints out, very dull but it's looking better. Oh, and tomorrow's time will be wasted putting unpainted stuff and bits into a box in the cellar to give the illusion that I'm in control of the lead mountain...