Monday, 13 August 2012

Micron pens...

As you'll see, I've just merged three blogs into one here, bringing together more of the stuff that currently lives in my games room, and hopefully this will breath a little life into the blog and that the blog will, in turn, breath a little more life into the much neglected painting and modelling I would like to be getting on with.

Today's attempt to move things forward was the default 'spend money' option, this time I've bought myself a Micron 005 pen (£3.85 from ebay) that I'm hoping will make it easier to write some text onto my Grey Knights:

I'll post a review of this thing when it arrives.

Over the next few weeks I'm hoping to get on with far too many projects but my priority ones are:

Grey Knight army (1750 pts)
Imperial fleet for Man o War
Gyrocopters for Man O War Dwarf fleet
2 units of Khorne daemons for Warmaster
2 Autocannon emplacements for 40k (now that they're so useful).

More soon...

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