Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Gouged Eye: Blood Bowl 1989...

As something of a test for painting my Marauder Orc army I've just painted up a second edition Orc Blood Bowl team in an attempt to recapture the style of the original (Old-bowl) style of bright colours that typified the game in the late 80s and which is a world apart from the grimy style I've tended to favour over the past 10 years of so (who knew I had a style!). Here's how they turned out:

There were a few basic ingredients for what I considered to be Old-school enough:

  • A white undercoat
  • Bright colours
  • Black lining
  • Black base edges (I could have gone for Goblin Green but that didn't work for me)
  • (perhaps most important) painting fast, as a 16 year old in 1989 I'd generally finish whatever figures I bought on the same day as I got them home. For this project I allowed myself five days.
  • Oh, and I found one original pot of citadel paint, a bright yellow that I used to dot their eyes!
The paint scheme was very simple indeed:

Red: GW Khorne Red, GW Mephiston Red, GW Mephiston + GW Wild Rider
White: GW Space Wolves Grey, White
Flesh: GW Warboss Green, GW Thraka Green Wash, GW Warboss, GW Skarsnik, GW Skarsnik + Screaming Skull
Metals: VMC Oily Steel, GW Badab Black Wash, VMC Oily Steel, GW Mithril Silver
Browns: GW Scorched Brown, VMC Saddle Brown
Black Lining: VGC Black Ink
Bases: here I used BlueinVT's basing method - VMC Khaki, AP Strong Tone, VMC Khaki, VMC Buff. The grasses are GF9 Parched Straw and Spring Undergrowth. There's a really excellent description of basing on Blue's blog here: http://bluesmarauders.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/hello-all-over-last-couple-of-months.html

As a treat, and as a partial gift from one of my earlierst BB opponents, I got hold of a second edition pitch and painted it up in the same colours as the bases:

I'm still wondering if I should paint up the skull in the centre. Feedback so far seems to say... maybe!