Friday, 1 April 2011

Bases, eyes, and more toys...

Did I mention that I'm painting? I've got 16 Valhallans here in Germany, now all basecoated and ready for some highlights. I've made a couple of decisions today that I thought I'd share. The first is that I won't be painting eyes on them (I share this because I feel ashamed and need validation/forgiveness). The second is that I'm going to paint the edges of the bases in black rather than my usual Graveyard Earth. I think it sets of the paint-job nicely and it's suitably old-school for my nice metal miniatures (they're from 1994 I think). Try it on the Nids, there's no need for them to match but it might be cool if they did.

For reference (and if you want to try it yourself), my bases are painted with Adeptus Battlegrey, washed with neat Badab Black, and lightly drybrushed with Astronomican Grey. I'll be adding patches of snow when they're done. I reckon Tyranids would look cool striding over blood-spattered snow (and I can give you some snow flock if you want to try it, I bought a huge tub of stuff that I think might be better than the GW 'white grass').

I've also continued the shopping and have just bought another squad of men for £15 from Natalie on TWF. It's on old version of the squad pack which is cool because it means it comes with a heavy weapons team, this time a mortar which is a model I don't have yet. This should mean I've got all I need for the 1500 point army and probably enough extra heavy weapons teams to bulk it out a bit if needed.

And another thing, if you visit to play at my Gaming Room, I'll spend whatever your train costs on 40K terrain! If I can ebay enough stuff I'm thinking about getting this:

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