Thursday, 31 March 2011

The shopping continues...

I've been entertaining myself with some very geeky retail therapy and have just bought this:

Coronis Campaign Collectable Card Game. It's a now oop game that pits the Guard against the 'Nids on Coronis IV, I thought it might help with generating some mini-campaign ideas...

And this:

White Dwarf 183. It's got a section on the Valhallans in it (and Epic scale Nids).

And... (no picture here, it'd be too dull), some more paints (5 at 3 Euros a pot) and more plastic plasma guns and plasma pistols (stupidly I didn't buy the chainsword and bolt pistol I need). Why do I need them? To convert my next ebay purchase which is going to be the dude on the left in the picture below (he'll be my Commissar):

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