Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I got a little more done tonight with the completion of the Vendetta. I also made the happy discovery that the Forgeworld upgrade kit meant I could ditch one of the lascannons (the one on the side). Why good news? Because I'd lost the lascannon from my Leman Russ and a bit of scalpel work converted it into a fine replacement for the missing piece.

Tomorrow night, all being well, I hope to base the troops and also to try out the GW spray gun which I'm hoping to use to basecoat all of the tanks and maybe to lay down a base coat on the troops too. I've read such awful things about the spraygun on the internet that my hopes aren't high.

Finally, I've stuck the various unused weapons from the Valkyrie (door gunners, rocket pods and missiles) up on ebay to raise some more cash for the war chest!

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  1. That looks great. I too have collected a whole bunch of stuff for the e bay. Got to recoup some cash. I am aiming to try to break even on this by the time that we meet up.