Sunday, 6 March 2011

Your army list2 still looks like a whole bunch of heavy shooting is going to be levelled against the swarm... I hope you are going to need it!I intend to swarm all over you!

One of my things to buy is going to be the Imp Gaurd book so I can find out what all thise nasty things do.

I also went in to a GW store today (bought a pot of paint) and happened to mention this blog / match up we have organised. The manager was frothing at the proverbial. He said things like: "Classic match up! Gaurds against 'nids, classic!"

I think he approves.

Sleep well... dream of your beautiful world before the nids come and suck the precious life out of it...

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  1. The list will probably change again. I'm thinking about having Ursakar E. Creed as my general. He's fairly unimpressive in combat/shooting but can issue lots of orders a turn, four I think, and the model looks really cool. To do that I'd need to find about 90 points though (30 from the Officer of the Fleet, but where to find the rest...)