Sunday, 6 March 2011

I've written a list of jobs that I need to do week by week as we lead up to the show down. it's quite an ambitious plan and includes:
By 12th March: have all hormagaunts & termagaunts built and undercoated.
19th March: All gene steallers and trygon built and undercoated - start painting trygon
26th March: Finalise army list and ensure that everything is built and undercoated - continue painting trygon
2nd April: Trygon completed. Base colours on all gaunts
9th April: Base colours on all beasties.

Obvously I'm not sure of the date that we are going to play on, but I'm guessing I'm getting close to D day at htis point. Hopefully you will face a tyranid force with a nicely painted centre piece model and lots of table top standard models which I can trhen complete at a more liesurely pace (I may well be sick of the sight of the blighters by the time we start throwing any dice). Anyway, let me know your plan of action!

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  1. Now that is ambitious. I'll try to come up with an equally mental timetable tonight...