Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Another outing for the vailant guard last night, this time at 1500 points. Same tragic outcome! The scenario wasn't in our favour (we had to set up in the centre of the board and went second) and I made a few mistakes. My first mistake was that I didn't design a list with the scenario in mind, the second was that a couple of my units were in charge range from turn one (not that I had much choice), the third was that I didn't know the rules about disembarking from destroyed vehicles and one of my units had to miss a turn as a result (and then died). As a result I was on the back foot from turn one. I did manage to kill a fair bit of stuff and had a couple of vehicles left at the end but it was never going to go my way.

Highlight of the match: Sly Marbo appears from reserve and throws a demolition charge (Large blast, S8, AP2) at a unit of tyranid warriors. The odds say that three should die. Instead it moves onto him (quite unlikely as he has BS5 and can shift the scatter by that much) and kills him instead (he had a 3-up save). Then, the Vendetta that was poised to finish off the remains of the unit fails to score a single would with three twin-linked lascannons. That same Vendetta would then fail two 4 up saves in a later turn and be taken down! All I can say is that while I probably deserved to lose moments like this really sealed my fate.

Lessons learned (the hard way):

1) Sometimes it's better to be wiped out in combat than to survive the initial assault (in order to be able shoot at the attacker).
2) Learn the rules (of the armies and the book in general).
3) Remember that lots of Tyranid stuff can assault 18".
4) I think I need a better army list.


  1. It's another good post mate, and I'm glad at least one of us is getting to know the rules / play the game. I will read through my rule book before i see you, but it might not mean that much to me until I actually play. What was Paul's army list like?

    Another lesson that you must learn is to roll better - that way the nid warriors won't stand a chance and laddo will land his bomb on target.

    For my part I need to get nid making. All has been on hold for the last few nights as Rosie has been a swine with her cot climbing antics. Might just glue some genies together now.

  2. Some more detail. My list featured:

    CCS (4 plasma guns) in Chimera
    Sly Marbo
    PCS (3 flamers)
    3 Squads (grenade launcher, lascannon)
    2 Vet Squads (3 meltas) in Chimera
    Vendetta Gunship
    Leman Russ
    Leman Russ Executioner
    Griffon Mortar

    The Nids brought (from memory):

    Hive Tyrant
    2 Units Tyranid Warriors (1 Tyranid Prime)
    1 Unit of those things that shoot Str 8 Assault2 guns
    2 Units of Hormagaunts
    2 Zoanthropes in a spore mine
    1 Biovore
    1 of those big Hormagaunt ‘pooper’ monsters

    Paul wasn't convinced that the Hive Tyrant was worth having, and the 'pooper' monster pushed out 8 little dudes and then ran out of juice.