Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Tonight has been quite productive, I've based the men that were built, undercoated the tanks black and then basecoated them (and my hands) Adeptus Battle Grey using the GW spray gun. I'm not entirely convinced that it's a good thing and it's certainly no better than a can of grey spray paint would have been. The paint has gone on, it's not entirely smooth but as I'm going to apply whitewash with a sponge tomorrow that doesn't really matter. I'm a bit nervous about using it on the Vendetta though. I might practice a bit on the next bunch of tanks if they ever come (they're awaiting stock at Wayland).

Tomorrow you might just get a picture of the army as it stands.

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  1. tonight (having worked very late at the school's fashion show) I have unwound by gently gluing together some gene stealers (classic nids as I think of them). Not that much done, but it's something.
    Tomorrow is Friday, which means geeks night in. Lots more gluing of the stealers. I'll base them if there is time, then on Saturday it's undercoating day. Good times.

    Had a look at myhive tyrant model last night. Looks a pig to put together - a curiious mixtures of metal and plastic... what's the point of that?

    Anyway, off to bed now. Sleep tight.