Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Departmento Munitorum

'The Departmento Munitorum is a department of the Administratum devoted to the general administration, supply and command of the Imperial Guard, however despite its neccesity it is often viewed by Imperial Guard as ineffective. The Munitorum has ultimate responsibility for the raising of new regiments, training of troops, provision of equipment and supplies, and transportation of troops and equipment to and from theatres of war. It is primarily a logistical organisation, like the Administratum, but while the Administratum deals with civilian logistics, the Munitorum deals with the logistics of war.' (Lexicanium)

With reports of the inbound Hivefleet mounting, the Departmento Munitorum is gearing up for war, finally relenting to Chenkov’s desperate calls for men and materiel… Requisition orders are drafted and ready:

The Wayland Forgeworld:

3 x Chimeras - £49.20

1 x Leman Russ Battle Tank - £24.60

The Forgeworld Forgeworld:

1 x Vendetta upgrade kit - £14.30

BitzBox Forgeworld:

4 x Catachan command laspistols - £1.20

2 x plasma guns - £2.00

2 x Cadian Command chainsword - £0.80

1 x Leman Russ lascannon - £1.50

Forgeworld Ebay:

More Valhallans… £??

Forgeworld GW Mail Order:

Imperial Guard Lord Commissar - £8.20

Imperial Guard Commissar with Powersword - £8.20

6 x 60mm round bases - £5.10

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