Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wayland 1 : Wallet 0

Hello there,
I've ordered more stuff from Wayland. It's the main thing that I am without, namely the hive guard unit. I have also ordered more wee gaunts for the big griblly to poop out. Now I can relax a bit on the buying front (thank goodness, as this has been as expensive few weeks) and just keep an eye out on the e bay for some gaunts and anything else that looks good (like a venomthrope).

I now need to get on with undercoating the things that I have built lately (probably a job for the weekend) and finish building the rest of the army. Then its time to get the paint pots out. So much left for us to do and yet there's so little time...

Left to paint:
Around 40 gaunts
2 Trygons
1 tyranid prime
1 gaunt pooper
10 gene stealers
3 hive guard

Probably some other stuff too that I've forgotten.
Chances of getting it all painted.... not much. Will have it all built and undercoated though, AND some stuff painted.

How are you doing? Will set a date soon,


1 comment:

  1. If it makes you feel any better I've just blown £14.50 on three more Valhallans. I think that means I've got pretty much all I need (bar a Leman Russ tank). If only I didn't need new paint brushes... Costly indeed, like you I'm hoping to pay for this by jettisoning other toys.