Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Wow, that's a lot of artillary that the nids are going to come up against. I will need to think of something clever to avoid having the poop shot out of my devouring swarm... Not setting up a room length apart will of course help.

I have been toying with buying some venomthropes. They're the ones that look a bit like an octopus and I quite like them. The only problem is that I am starting to want most things in my army now and need to stay a little more focussed.

Tonight I have glued together 4 little gaunts. Every little helps!


  1. Not that much arty really, and some of this won't be in the 1500 point list (for example, of the heavy weapons only 3 lascannons get in). Of course, I've amended they typo that suggested I had 30 lascannons (it's actually 4), it should have been 'lasguns', which at a piffling strength 3 might not be so scary...

  2. 4 lascannons seems easier to deal with than 30... you had me worried there.

  3. And only 3 make it into the list.