Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hello there Top Gun,
I too have started buying stuff - my order from Mayland has been taken to the Post Office collection point, there by giving me a Saturday job. It's another Trygon and a zoanthrope.

At the moment my shopping list consists of:
More termagaunts
More Hormagaunts
3 Hive guards

The number of termagaunts needed is especially hard to judge as I have one of those aliens which breeds more of them ever turn... dirty!

I am also tempted to buy a couple of venomthropes, but I'm not really sure I have room for them in my army. Something else would have to go. On the plus side, I do think they look cool in a squid like octopus way (they're the things with the big tentacles incase you're not sure).

I have spent the last couple of nights starting to buiild my first trygon. It's one of those finely balanced models which need the glue to have dried on the previous part before you can glue the next part on - a bit annoying. Still, by Sunday it will be built. based and undercoated, along with 16 terms, 16 horms and 3 zoanthropes. Next week I start putting red paint on things! Bring it on!!!

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  1. Sounds like you're slightly ahead of me. Hopefully tonight I'll finish off the Undead Warmaster stuff that's on the 'TRAY OF TRUTH' and also finish building the infantry I've got. I'm then left waiting for a few deliveries before I can finish off the sergeants (they need laspistols) and the 2 remaining special weapons guys. While I'm awaiting them I'll start on the Vendetta. But do I bother painting the interior or do I just seal the thing?