Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Lord of the End Times...

It's taken over two years but finally my Warmaster Chaos army is finished. More accurately, I've got it to a playable 2000 point army, there are about another ten units left in the lead mountain (and at some point I'd like to replace the daemons who are standing in for Marauders too). Here they are, ready to shed blood in the name of their despicable gods...

You might just be able to tell that this lot are led by none other than Archaon himself. It's a figure I've wanted to paint for ages. Here he is, in true GW style I stuck him onto a suitably skull-laden base:

With this lot painted I'm hoping to get on with the Grey Knights for a while but I am rather tempted to get on with my Man O War Empire fleet (and buying some Chaos ships hasn't helped much either....).

Oh, and is it just me or does the sign of Chaos Undivided look rather like the Union Jack?

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