Monday, 29 October 2012

Warmaster Dark Elves

I've finally finished rebasing the Warmaster Dark Elves I bought on ebay (several months ago). If it wasn't for the Warmaster One Dayer next month these would never have been finished. So, as Kylie and Jason once said, 'Especially for you', here's the army you'll be taking to Warhammer World:

In this tiny picture you can (or perhaps can't) see: General, 2x Hero on chariot, 1 x Hero on manticore, 3 Heroes, 3 Dark Riders, 2 Crossbows, 5 Spearelves, 2 Bolt throwers, 4 Cold one riders, 1 Harpies, 1 Hydra, 3 Witch Elves. From that you should have a decent choice for a 2000 point army.

Purely from an experimental point of view, here's my 'wobbly-cam' video of the same:

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  1. As you can see, the experimental video was not a huge success!