Sunday, 28 October 2012

some daemons

As you can see, the daemons have arrived from the warp and are trying to gain supremecy of the entire  Kitchen Sector of the Old World. The Empire are nowhere to be seen, nothing  can stand in their way, other than a large frying pan and a couple of George's milk bottles.

The flamers were finished some time ago - not sure when, but certainly within living memory. There are 6 of the blighters in total and they were quite good fun to paint as they required quite a bit of blending / layering which I am quite fond of doing.

The nurgle dudes have just been finished off and as you know, I followed the GW recipe. I think they look sweet. Quite disapointing in a way, as there is very little to doing them other than dry brushing.
There are a completed unit of Khorne dogs and a huge unit of Khorne dudes in the front line for the kitchen too. Unfortunately, the photos of these units showed how quickly I had dashed off the painting - especially the dogs. I do have another unit of these to paint one day, and when that day comes I promise to do a better job!

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