Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Waaagh the (Oldhammer) Orcs!

As a relative newcomer to Oldhammer (is that a contradiction in terms?) I've been spending some time looking around the at the various sites that are out there and generally engaging in insane levels of virtual shopping.

The Stuff of Legends website is the go to place for information on what's out there. Here's the Marauder Miniatures page that's occupying much of my google-time. If things go to plan I'm aiming to get my hands on pretty much everything that appears in these catalogue pages but as I'm hoping to get some third-edition gaming in I'm going to try to start by aiming to get a playable list sorted. That means starting with a smattering of heroes, 20 Boyz, 20 Arrer Boyz, 20 Gobbos, 20 Stickas, and a Skull Crusher. I'm at the mercy of ebay I suppose!

The Oldhammer Forum appears to be the 'official' forum. Certainly it's a nice place to virtually hang out and it's fun to spot the various members who I've encountered over on other forums over the years. There's also a blog attached to the forum that's full of goodness.

There are plenty of other blogs out there that are full of Oldhammer goodness. Today I've been enjoying The Lost and the Damned which is full of very inspiring Marauder Orcs. I hope they won't mind me posting this picture - it's the very picture that started off this Oldhammer Waaagh! I'd also recommend Realm of Chaos 80s, it's not as Orcy but it's full of great content.

Any recommendations as to where to look next will be very welcome!


  1. It's great that you felt inspired by my Marauder collection to start collecting old skool Orcs as well! I've had a blast with them so far, and although I won't get around to painting any more in a while, I am looking forward to the day I do.

  2. It's blogs like yours that really fired my imagination and revitalised my flagging interest in Warhammer by reminding me why I liked the game in the first place. The collecting phase of the Oldhammer army is now done (or at least I can field a pretty large army). The painting stage is coming soon! Thanks again for the inspiration!