Monday, 9 May 2011

Getting underway...

One of the aims of this blog is my attempt to get to grips with my ever-expanding collection of half-finished painting projects. The plan is simple, I'll set out each of my 'live' projects (I'm going to have to ignore those that have been hidden in the cellar for now) and will keep a check of where each is up to as the weeks go on. Hopefully I'll be able to rotate between them in an attempt to keep myself interested but the main aim is to move them from unfinished to finished before starting any fresh projects.

Here's what I'm aiming to complete, all in varying stages of completion:
  1. Warhammer 40,000 Valhallan Army (1500 pts)
  2. Warhammer 40,000 Terrain set
  3. Warhammer Fantasy Orc Army (2500 pts)
  4. Warmaster Undead Army (2000 pts)
  5. Warmaster Chaos Army (2000 pts)
  6. Warmaster Empire Army (2000 pts)
  7. Epic Armageddon Imperial Guard Army (3000+ pts)
  8. Epic Armageddon Space Marine Army (3000+ points)
  9. Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Fleet (1500 pts)
  10. Blood Bowl Skaven team
  11. Incursion British and Zombies
  12. Warhammer 40,000 Grey Knight Army (2000 pts)
  13. Man O War Dwarf fleet
  14. Man O War Imperial fleet
  15. Battlefleet Gothic Orc fleet (1500 pts)

These projects are all started, some are nearly done (Blood Bowl and Epic stuff for example) and some are barely started (Valhallans, 40K terrain). As I start work on each project I'll give some detail of where things stand.

In an attempt to encourage myself, I'll be setting some rewards in place for completed stuff. At present these probably include:

Epic terrain (I'd like to overhaul my set, probably with some stuff from Section 6 Engineering)
Epic Eldar Army, or Tyranids if I succumb to my urge to collect oop toys (which I will).
New models for Grindhouse's superb game Incursion. Lots of stuff is coming out soon.

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