Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Terrain time...

Having just returned to 40K, after a long leave of absence, I'm in the process of getting some terrain ready for the games room. Tonight I've managed to finish the first of the two Bastions that I'm working on. Here's how it looks:

The paint scheme is straight from the box art and is largely based on advice from another blogger who gives a stage-by-stage here. I've added in a little more detail and tried out Forge World's weathering powders which are great fun to use (not overdoing it is the first challenge).

For my own reference, the metals are Vallejo Gunmetal with a Badab Black Wash, Whites are Fortress Grey then White, Reds are Mechrite, then Blood Red with a final highlight of Vallejo Orange Fire. The whole thing is sealed with Purity Seal to keep the powders on there.

I'm hoping to get the following done over the next few months:
  • Realm of Battle (done)
  • 2 Bastions (1 done)
  • Fortress of Redemption
  • 4 or 5 buildings
  • Road
  • Woods
  • Barricades
  • 2 Bunkers
  • Craters
Next up it's the Shrine of Aquilla, which is glued together (it looks great but it's a stupid kit in that it doesn't have enough 'tabs' to keep things lined up). Tonight I'll begin basing it up on some 4mm plywood.

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