Monday, 6 June 2011


The recent release of SNAFU, the expansion to Grindhouse Games' excellent Incursion, has been distracting me rather a lot recently so while I'm waiting for the postman to bring me my new toys I thought I'd get on with painting up some German Zombies. As the game can need quite a few Zombies I'm aiming to paint them up pretty fast. These four took around 2 hours to paint using a quick wash-and-layer paint scheme (a method I don't usually use) and I think they look ok (now I've got the scheme worked out the next lot will probably be quite a bit faster):

For anyone who doesn't know Incursion, it's a Weird WWII board game set in the same world of Secrets of the Third Reich, with a rule mechanic that's a little like Space Hulk in that models are moved around a gridded board using Action Points (which 'buy' similar actions such as movement, shooting etc). It also, in the first edition, has US soldiers in what look like steam-powered Terminator armour, and a horde enemy that isn't that disimilar to Tyranids. The similarity ends there though and the game has a number of unique aspects that make it, in my opinion, a much better game. The plus points are (in no real order):
  • The board isn't a time-consuming jigsaw and fits on a coffee table.
  • Forces (both sides) are selected using a points system which gives much more flexibility/longevity to the game.
  • The random CP of Space Hulk is replaced by a set number which are used to bid to decide which player takes the first turn each round and then as CP (this does away with the one problem I have with SH in which games are often decided by good CP 'rolls')
  • There's a deck of cards that add a whole level of fun to the game, sure, they're a random element but they can be 'killed' by using CP which adds another level to the use of CP.
  • There's a massive machine-gun wielding Gorilla.
  • Great support online from the designers.
  • Oh, and it's available to buy!
I should admit to some bias here as I was lucky enough to be involved in the playtesting of the expansion (I did this because I like the game) Anyway, to end, here are some pics of the stuff I've already painted, the good guys for now (I'll take some pictures of the German SWD for next time):
The US Lucky 7th:

Slugger Murphy:


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