Thursday, 10 May 2012

Back to Valhalla!

It's been over a year since this blog last saw any action (and since my Guard saw any painting action) but hopefully it's all about to start up again as the Valhallan's prepare themselves for another Tyrannid invasion... To start things off I'm tackling the vehicles with the idea that they'll be relatively quick to paint and will have a good impact on the look of the army (i.e. the time to result ratio will be high).

So, the tasks for the coming weeks are:

(1) Build demolisher tank
(2) Finish painting Griffon Mortar tank
(3) Paint 3 Chimeras and the demolisher (in one big go)

Hopefully I'll have something to show pretty soon.

1 comment:

  1. The targets are set (for the Guard anyway). The 'Nids... well they are still in a box at the top of the wardrobe in Rosie's room... but let's not worry about that!