Sunday, 13 May 2012

Paint and paints

I've had a scout about on the GW website and looked at their paint conversion chart. It seems that there is a match for mechrite red (according to the chart) but I'm going to have to go in to a store to take a closer look as the swatch that is shown on the website looks nothing like. In fact it looks  blue! (not true, just a silly joke).

Time for some jazz flute.

I'd also agree with your comments about the sheer number of paints available now - the range is huge. If you follow the suggested painting recipes then you would need around 4pots of paint for every colour you put on a mini. Wowee!

San Diego... Nobody knows the true meaning of its name.

Going to bed now, but will try to paint some minis this week - it's time to finish off some Khorne dogs.

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  1. I think that the painting book they've just brought out might have a tyrannid army in it in the scheme you use. Might be worth a bit of goodle time!