Sunday, 2 December 2012

Draigo and Librarian part 2

I've managed to grab ten minutes today to finish off my two characters; the Librarian and Lord Kaldor Draigo.

The Librarian seemed to be missing a bit of bling so I added a fancy ornament to his armour (it's the end of his force staff which I'd removed to make into a Grey Knight halberd). Draigo was literally missing some bling as I hadn't got his back banner. The gap got filled with an Iron Halo from the bits box. For me it works because I doubt he'll ever be Draigo so having him helmeted and down-scaled in the banner department makes sense (for now he's just a lowly squad leader, I guess this is early on in Justicar Draigo's career).

Here they are awaiting some silver spray:

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