Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dudes of Hazzard: Game Four

The Dudes' fans left the Nerodome in a state of disarray today after the team suffered a crushing defeat at the hands (paws?) of Sizzler's Squeak and Destroy. The game ended at 3-1 (0-1 Cas) and was, if it's possible, even more once-sided than the scoreline might suggest. In the end I was outplayed, out-teamed, and perhaps just slightly unlucky. In a game where nothing went very right the two stand-out moments was a leaping gutter runner putting down my caged-up ball carrier on a 1/2D blitz and the moment when my thrower later lobbed the ball into the crowd who must have been fans of the Squeakers because they then passed it back to a gutter runner who was hanging around in the Dudes' half! To make up for this I did pull off a neat passing TD that involved plenty of dice-rolling nonsense but it was all too little too late. All in all the game was a bit of a disaster and I was left wondering just what went wrong.

On paper the Skaven were certainly a tough prospect with four gutter runners (three of whom I think blodged, while one leapt and stripped balls for fun), two guarding stormvermin and a couple of wrestlers. It was a fantastically coached team who'd come out of the last premier league with great skill choices across a wide number of players and I think that pretty much did it for me. Not because they were a better team (though they were) but at least in part because of my reaction to this fact. On reflection I realise that I decided the game was lost before we'd rolled for the first kick off, or very shortly after that at least, and the result was that I couldn't get my head into the game at all and played reactively and with little to no spirit. I'll never know how things would have gone had I been in a better frame of mind but I do know it didn't help and worse still I don't think I offered Sizzler much of a game which really is very embarrassing. Sorry Sizzler! Hopefully I'll rediscover my BB-mojo for our next game.

Here's the roster as it now stands:

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