Monday, 1 April 2013

Dark Angels Green Wing - Part Three

With a gaming day at Warhammer World coming up fast, my painting motivation has been totally pumped! Here's the Landraider, the first model completed for the Dark Angels' army. 

This is probably the model I've most enjoyed building and painting in quite some time. The colours came from the Dark Angel tutorial on the Tale Of Painters blog and the weathering came from another tutorial there (on an Ultramarines Landraider) - I went for fairly minimal weathering (it's near showroom) and it got even lighter when my spray varnish blew away the weathering powder. On to the pictures (in which you can see that Linus has just taken a pen to our coffee table):

Detail of the driver (he's a Techmarine and I'll be honest, there's likely to one sitting inside this tank keeping it safe):

A couple more pictures, showing off the fancy Forgeworld doors (which are worth the money just to avoid having to use waterslide transfers):

A few notes on painting. First up, despite my irritation when they came out I found that the new (or not so new now) GW paints cover really very well indeed with the base range covering at least as well as the old Foundation paints without the associated grittiness. I thinned Caliban Green and used two coats for the Landraider (over a black undercoat) and ended up with nice smooth coverage and the rest are used straight from the pot. In particular I am impressed with Leadbelcher which has great coverage and which takes inks very well and with the reds. The Techmarine was painted with Khorne Red, shadow was added with thinned Vallejo black ink (50/50 ink/water), followed by a touch up with Khorne Red and highlights (largely edges) of which Mephiston Red followed by Squig Orange). For my own records (and not because it’s exciting, the blues were painted with Regal Blue followed by Ice Blue, and the Whites are Codex Grey followed by Vallejo white). Again, for reference, there’s a great conversion chart over on Dakka here: (note that the colours display very poorly on my monitor so really this is only good for translating colours not for picking them).

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