Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dark Angels Techmarine and Forge World Transfers...

Work on the Dark Angels continues. First up, here's the second finished model for the Dark Angels, the plucky Techmarine who was the lone survivor of the battle with the Chaos Space Marines, it was a fairly quick job but he looks good enough for the tabletop providing a nice break from a sea of dark green. So far he's spent a good deal of time hanging out in the Landraider but when he's got out he's proved to be surprisingly resilient. I think perhaps I'll pick up a couple of servitors to help him keep the machines running (in five games he's yet to manage a repair) and to act as ablative wounds when he does charge in to combat.


Work on the first Tactical Squad goes on and I've just finished experimenting with some Forge World Dark Angels transfers. The sheet cost about £12 and came a week after ordering (the day before I went to Warhammer World!) in a nice solid card envelope. The A4 sheet is packed with transfers (the ones I really wanted were the squad numbers which come in two sizes, you get twenty of each number (1-10) at 3mm and about 15 of each at 4mm. I went for the 3mm which are just about the perfect size to use over the tactical squad markings on the Dark Vengeance marines. In use they appear to work well, they lift off the backing a little quicker than the GW equivalent (10 seconds max in water) and the white covers the red nicely. In the following picture the decal was applied over a coat of gloss varnish ('Ardcoat) with the area to be 'decalled' given a thin coating of micro set. I then let the decal dry before giving it another light coat of microset where the decal overhangs the raised tactical squad symbol. Then another coat of gloss, sand a final coat of semi-gloss (Vallejo) some might prefer matt but I like the 'free' highlighting you get from semi-gloss. Overall I'm impressed with the transfers, they're well designed and are nicely opaque so there's no need to overpaint them.

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