Saturday, 11 May 2013

Dark Angels Green Wing Part Five - Dreadnought

It's been a while but finally there's something to show, here's the first Dreadnought to join the army.

I say 'the first' dreadnought as I've just picked up a second-hand copy of Assault for Black Reach and the first thing I plan to paint up is the dreadnought. Not that I think they're particularly good in the game but I do like the look of them and they don't take that long to paint.

There are also other reinforcements on the way  - a fourth tactical squad, a second Devastator squad (and reinforcements for the first squad), and a couple of rhinos (once I get hold of some new top hatches to replace the ones I'm about to rip off).

By the next post the first tactical squad will be done - finally - there's just one to go...

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