Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dark Angels Green Wing Part Six - Librarian

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, real life has been a bit hectic to allow for much hobby time. But I have been slowly getting on with things and finally there's enough done to share. First up, here's the Librarian who seems to lead the army most of the time:

And finally the first squad is finished, I'm happy with how they turned out but the time they took is killing me!

I also found the time to get a game in, this time against a Necron army which totally tore my army apart. My pre-game 'tactical' decision was to rush plenty of stuff forward to get into combat with the Necrons to avoid being outshot. As it happened my rush forward was very ill-conceived with all three of my vehicles being taken off the board in the Necron's first turn - a lucky scatter managed to take out the Powerfield wielding Techmarine who was hiding behind the landraider and the rest was as you'd expect with a unit of scarabs performing most of the vehicle-killing duties. This was also my first game using bikes but that didn't go well. Both squads outflanked and managed to kill nothing with their first turn of shooting (even the Multimelta-armed attack bike failed to hurt the Necron walker tried to shoot in the back, twice!). The Marines of the match were the Devastator squad who sat at the back and did a decent job of shooting up the Necron menace and I think they were the only unit left by the end! All in all it was a fun but brutal game that left me with plenty of questions to answer.

So, next list, more Devastators. In fact, I'll aim for two units each of which will be joined by a Librarian to help with their shootiness. With this in mind I've begun converting some tactical marines, specifically working on their shoulder pads. Here's my first attempt at greenstuffing Devastator markings:

And painted up: It came out a bit thicker than planned but I can fix that with the next attempt.

The Dev's need to wait for the Forgeworld Brass Etch to arrive before they can be built up (I want to put the chapter symbol on the other shoulder) so in the meantime my attention is directed to the Veteran squad... Hopefully the next update will be here soon!

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