Saturday, 3 August 2013

Incursion on Kickstarter

As a long-time fan of Grindhouse Games' board game Incursion I'm really excited to see that they've just (3 days ago) announced a campaign on Kickstarter that will see the game rereleased with a full set of plastic figures. I'm posting here in the hope that it'll help push the campaign along, given that Incursion is already a well-established (if slightly niche) game there's very little risk here, just the promise of a great game that'll play as well as ever and look fantastic.

The good news for anyone who already owns the game is that the campaign includes a pledge level (Metalhead) which includes all of the new figures in metal, there are six of them, along with a limited run sculpt of Gretel, and cards and counters for everything in the SNAFU expansion and a two-board poster to play the big SNAFU games on. The metalhead pledge comes in at $80 + $30 shipping and of course there's the import tax, VAT and Royal Mail's handling fee so the cost could be seen as pretty high for those of us outside the US but there's talk on Kickstarter that an EU distributor may be found so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Here's a link to the campaign, as you'll see it's nearly there:

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  1. Good news, a distribution deal has been done with West Wind so those in the EU will avoid paying VAT/handling fees on top of the pledge price. Shipping stays though to cover this but it's nice to know the final price will be the final price!