Wednesday, 23 October 2013

40K Clearout

It's time to make space for new toys. As such I'm selling off a fair bit of stuff that isn't getting used. First up:

Orks from Assault on Black Reach £35 posted in UK.
3 Deffkopters (2 on sprue, one built and undercoated black)
Big Boss (build, sprayed black)
5 Nobz on sprue
16 boyz on sprue
3 boyz built (2 black, one painted)

Fortress of Redemption (unbuilt in tatty box): £55 posted in UK
Ravenwing Dark Talon (mint in sealed box): £35 posted
6 Dark Vengeance Bikers (unbuilt): £20 posted
Bike squad (painted badly): £20 posted: They look like this:

Massive lot of nasty Space Marines (a decent lot for someone who likes stripping paint and rebuilding stuff!?). They look like this (as you can see some haven't got heads! It's a mixed bag for sure):

More stuff to come soon. If anything here is of interest send me a message here or on The Warhammer Forum (my user name there is Levinas and there's a sale thread here:

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