Sunday, 27 February 2011

The hive mind

Foolish mortals, you have fallen in to the trap devised by the hive mind of the Behemoth fleet. Guyan Valley was simply a 'warm up' to test the strengths and weaknesses of the Imperial Guards. Although the gaurds thought that they had anhialated all of the nids, they hadn't counted on genestaelers spaws hiding underground, dormant until the main fleet is within striking distance. Now that time is approaching and the gene stealers aer stirring...

An update on my list includes:
Leading with a tyranid prime,
3 hive gaurds (got to buy)
3 zoanthropes (need 1 more)
2 lots of 20 termagaunts (need more)
lots of gene stealers... i have plenty
A Tervigon (I'll use a HIve tyrant model)
2 Trygons (Need to buy one more).

If I bought everything that I need new from GW, I think Ii'd sspend around £100. I'll do it cheaper through e bay and Maelstrom.

Geek out!

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