Saturday, 26 February 2011

vengence oh vengence

The nids are big on Shakespearian quotes - FACT!

There is also no way that they will allow a set back (loosing to the iron shod Imp Gaurd, and that's not an abbreviation). Anyhow, they're coming to get you!
The colour scheme will be red and black or as I am sure you know, the Hive Fleet Behemoth. As I mentioned, I have already put togther a fair number of the little gaunt models. Other things that I will have in my army include a Mawloc / Trygon - don't know which yet. I also fancu plenty of gene stealers, and a terviigon. This is a bizzare creature that spawns termigants each turn. Other critters in the army will include plenty of 'nid warriors some zoanthropes and possibly a unit of hive gaurd.

My feeling about the nids is that they blow bubbles at shooting, but look quite mean in hand to hand, so the majority of my army will be based arounf that - the exception being the hive gaurd (good at shooting) and the mawloc / Trygon which I want to use as a big 'hit and run' beastie.

I haven't done the maths on my army list yet - but will do so in the next 24 hours. Like you I am aware that I will change my mind a few times before we take to the battle field! Let the gluing commence!

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  1. He's in... I should be starting the IG paint-a-thon in a couple of days.