Friday, 25 February 2011

The Valhallan 18th - first thoughts...

Here’s my provisional army list, no doubt in need of some more thought:

Company Command 180
3 plasma guns, officer of the fleet, chimera (H Flamer)

5 Ratling Snipers 50

Infantry Platoon 365
Platoon Command + 4 flamers, Chimera (HF)
3 squads G Launcher, Missile Launcher
1 Special Wpns Squad 3 flamers

Vet Squad (3 meltas, Chimera) 155

Vet Squad (3 meltas) (Vendetta riders) 100

Vendetta Gunship 130

Griffon Hvy Flamer 75

LR Executioner (Plasma Sponsons, Lascannon) 245

Leman Russ (lascannon) 165

TOTAL: 1465

This would mean painting up 66 Guardsmen, 5 tanks and the Vendetta. It’ll also involve converting 5 snipers, 3 plasma guns (there aren’t Valhallan versions of these) and getting hold of quite a few more toys (including 3 Chimeras, Leman Russ, FW Vendetta conversion kit) but I’ve certainly got the bulk of what’s here already to go.

No doubt the list will change a bit. I really want some commissars in there just to use the figures and I’m not sure that I can be bothered converting the snipers… it’ll do for now.

The chap at the top is my only painted Guardsman (painted back in March 2010) so I guess I've actually only got 65 to go. I'll be adding some snow to the base.

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