Friday, 2 November 2012

Grey Knights: Hammertime

In the words of MC Hammer, 'you can't touch this.' Why? Because the second helping of snow flock is still drying. So here he is, the Dreadknight: I'll concede that he looks like he's armed himself with a toffee hammer but he is still a most fearsome engine and a rather nice centrepiece to the army so far.

With this model painted, my army stands at 755 points (with the following list):
  • Vindicare Assassin
  • Grey Knight Strike Squad (5), Hammer, Psycannon, + psybolt ammo
  • Grey Knight Strike Squad (5), Halberd, Psycannon + psybolt ammo
  • Grey Knight Interceptor Squad, MC Falchions, Incinerator + psybolt ammo
  • Nemesis Dreadknight, Hvy Psycannon, Daemonhammer
Next on the paintstation will be Inquisitor Coteaz, which will mean I'll have a legal army of 855 points. At the same time I'll paint up my quad gun which, with the defence line that's already painted, will bring this up to 955... Nearly there for the 1000 point game we're planning.

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