Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Grey Knights: What is this thing?

I've just finished the next recruit to the Grey Knight army, this time it's a weird cherub thing. I'm not sure what he actually does (or is) but I really like the figure, he makes a nice change from all the Grey Knights so I'd like to think he'll make it onto the tabletop. Here he is:

A quick edit... It turns out that he is a familiar and, under the last codex he'd have given +1 initiative to the Inquisitor. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be the option for this in the current codex so he's more likely to be a stand-in servo skull or maybe a mystic or a psyker. I seem to remember that there are at least two other creepy cherubs out there (one with a book and one with a bolter) and I'd quite like to collect them all so that they can flutter around Inquisitor Coteaz looking suitably weird!

Here are pics of the two I've found online:


  1. Excellent work. I love it! The colours on the parchment are very impressive as is the brightness of the red eye. The detailed writing is lovely... You're wasting your life becoming so good at painting. Ever thought of working for GW???

  2. Cheers dude! I like him too, the figure captures the darker gothic side of the 40K universe that makes it so appealing. As for working for GW, I'm not sure there's a role there for 'tired-dad style' painting but if there is I'll be sure to take it.