Friday, 2 November 2012

The Fat lad of Nurgle

Alright Dude,
I am having trouble uploading photos on to the blog tonight - trying to do so has caused my computer to freeze twice already, so I'll give the description here, then the related photos in a 2nd post - if I can get it to work.
I started off with a black undercoat (can't beat it) then did the base and watched the arm fall off...
I then dry brushed the whole thing with dark flesh. In a moment of inspiration I also did the rust on the monster's mighty blade, so that is almost ready to go!
Then the big lad recieved a thorough dry brushing with a 50:50 mix of catachan amd camo green. This has then been followed by a dry brushing of camo green and finally a dry brush of rotting flesh. That's where I'm up to. Next up I'm going to paint (not dry brush) the guts a deep red, then it's the very fiddly painting of the bone parts. Bleached bone for that. The fat lad is littered with these, so that will take a while...

Pictures to come.

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