Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dudes of Hazzard: Game Three

The Dudes of Hazzard managed to get a third game in today, this time against Adam's Chaos Pact team Altering ‘Em FC, and it was a cracker.

Playing at the Nero-Bowl on Station Approach in perfect weather, the Dudes failed to attract the fans (that’s the fame roll lost, and later the paltry 20,000 gate!) but they did win the toss and elected to receive.

What followed was a very quick two-turn drive for the TD with star thrower Ben Jones chucking the ball to catcher Tom Wopat for a quick TD. Going for the passing play rather than stalling just about made up for the fact that I’d inadvertently snuck 13 players onto the pitch. I offered to restart but Adam was kind enough to say that it hadn’t made a difference to the outcome and we played on. On reflection I don’t think it really had much impact on the game but I’m very pleased I decided not to try to drag things out before scoring and I really appreciated Adam's very sporting response – ‘I could have counted them too…’

The Dudes couldn’t stop an Altering ‘Em touchdown in the next drive despite a heroic (and odds-defying) blitz from Denver Pyle which got the ball free in the fourth turn (dodge, GFI, GFI, 1D Blitz). The Dudes’ fans had hardly stopped cheering when Pyle was smashed to the floor and sent into the injury box for the remainder of the game. Pyle’s daring move inspired two more attempts to grab the ball back but both ended badly with failed double GFIs in both cases and the Altering ‘Em worked the ball down to the endzone in time for a turn eight touchdown (which saw Jimany, the star Dark Elf player, swallow his disgust for just long enough to hand rat-man Leipziger the ball to score).

The second half went the Dudes’ way. Adam's team fluffing the pick up in turn one set the tone and the ball never made it out of the Altering ‘Em half.  It took a moment of extreme ruditude in the Altering ‘Em turn six for the Dudes to get their hands on the ball. Ball-carrier Jimany, normally a safe pair of AG4 hands, went for a dodge and went down, bouncing the ball to Leipziger. Leipziger fluffed the pick-up and bounced it over to the Dudes’ new catcher Rick Hurst. Rick then ran to safety and lurked by the endzone for two turns while the rest of the team smacked the Pact players about a bit. Turn eight and Hurst walked over the line to give the Dudes their third win.

Final result 2-1 to the Dudes, 2-1 Cas to Altering ‘Em FC.

Here's the roster:

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