Friday, 22 February 2013

Dudes of Hazzard Game Two


The Dudes got their second game in last night, this time against Alex's skaven team, Rat, Sack and Crack. It was a cracking game played in pouring rain which made moving the ball around plenty tricky and kept things interesting to the very end.

The first half saw the Rats kick to the Dudes. The Rats rolled a blitz and threw some tackle zones onto most of my players. Seven turns later and the Dudes' thrower, Ben Jones managed to get the touch down. Then came the Skaven two turn magic, or it should have, as they powered through, boxed up an looked ready to score only to be denied by a series of 1s (four 1s in five rolls if I remember concluding with a double-fail GFI into the endzone.

Onto the second half and the skaven received an quickly got the ball into the Dudes' half. To my surprise they then stalled it out until turn six while I did my best to get hold of the ball. Eventually my desperate blocking (and fouling) got the numbers down to the point where scoring was all Alex could do leaving me with two turns to get a TD. With the rain still falling I wasn't confident...

The final drive went my way as an unlucky kick resulted in a touchback and the ball found its way into  Tom Wopat's steady (and blodging) hands. Wopat made a run for a TD but with almost no support soon found himself on the ground. But, in a final turn that was the opposite of Alex's failed two-turner, the dice were with me, letting me get away with two 2D blocks (not a big surprise) followed by Wopat's more difficult dodge and pick up rolls (a 3 and a 4) which he made on sixes.

So, the final result 2-1 to the Dudes  (4-0 on Cas), it could so easily have been a 1-2 loss, or a 2-2 draw which is what made it such a great game. Here's how the roster looks for the next game:

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