Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dudes of Hazzard

Here's a post that contains two of my favourite things, Blood Bowl and Mountain Bikes... 

Last week I managed to get a game of Blood Bowl against my good friend Alex and it turned out that in doing so I'd returned to the Blood Bowl fold and rejoined the finest Blood Bowl league in the world, Manchester's Waterbowl. It's a fact that's lost in the mists of time but Alex, Michael and I founded the Waterbowl league a long long time ago, advertising for players on eBay (until Hoomin' Era, not his real name, went and bought the league for a penny) and kicking off a series of tournaments that are still going strong. I'm delighted to be back after a child-induced sabbatical and the first game saw my human team, The Dudes of Hazzard, take on Alex's Ogres, It's Snot Big and It's Snot Clever. My team's name is where the bike connection comes in, unintentionally I'd picked the name of a group of three riders whose films I really like, if you've found your way to this blog looking for biking action you need to head here. Incidentally, the logo at the top is theirs..

Back to Blood Bowl... The Dudes won 3-1 (1-2 CAS) in what was a really fun game full of terribly messy plays, near-invulnerable sidestepping snotlings, and an irritatingly believable MVP award that saw catcher Tom Wopat get the five SPPs to add to the six he'd gained from TDs. Income was 80K, and FF went up to 1.

Here's the roster after Game One:

With the income, and the 30K in the bank, I bought a third catcher.

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